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 We live in a world where transportation services can be requested from your smartphone.  With ride share companies such as Uber becoming more and more popular in today’s world and becoming the central point in transportation by consumers, the private transportation sector has to be able to follow with that trend as well. 


Welcome Alset Executive Transportation where we are the next stage of private transportation.  Alset Executive Transportation is an All-Electric private transportation company that drives one of the best cars on the market today which is the Tesla Model S sedan.   The Tesla Model S is an elegant, stylish, sleek and classy vehicle that sits bar none above other vehicles.  Everything about the Tesla Model S sedan screams innovation and this will allow you to have a world class experience each and every time one takes a seat in this vehicle.


Alset Executive customers will have marvel from this unique experience from the time you enter into the Model S until the completion of your destination. Each Tesla has an access to a variety of musical selections which ranges from jazz to country to pop and our strive is to give all clients the best service possible!


We aim to go beyond the mark of excellence in all aspects so you can trust each of our professional drivers to provide clean, safe and comfortable passage—with Alset Executive, serving you is our number one goal.

Whether it's for a special occasion or just to give you a relaxed, stress-free ride to the place you need to be, you can count on Alset Executive for reliable and affordable luxurious private transportation.




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Think Green!!!

Alset Executive Transportation is an all-Electric company that ultizes  the Tesla Model S which gives a drives range from 255 to 290 miles on a single charge. This allows us to have carbon footprint that is nearly non-existent.  Also, the Telsa Model S is ranked by the National Highway Traffic Safeway Admissions as the safest vehicle ever tested.

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